Roof Damage from Hail

How much hail damage before the insurance will replace your roof?
For over 30 years we have aided homeowners in replacing their hail damaged roof with the help of homeowners insurance. Call us and lets tackle it together!

Roof Replacement due to Hail Damage

Are you wondering if you have enough hail damage for your homeowner’s insurance to replace your roof?

We can help! Give Dave a call now so we can try to make it within the same week! It is important that we assess your damage in a timely manner so you can get started on filing your claim and replacing your roof! Don’t worry, we will help with that too!

Why should Dave and family replace your hail damaged roof?

Not only is David Keefe Roofing a family owned company with two generations of roofing experts; our crew is a team of loyal employees. Our family and employees treat your property just like we treat our own. With the upmost respect, consideration and politeness. With our family on your roof, rest assured we manage the crew, materials, time and cost closely. We work hard to keep our time schedule to the quoted time frame and keep our cost at what you have budgeted!

Here are a few more things you can expect from a brand new David Keefe Roof!

Hail Damage on a New Roof

We have replaced a month old roof completely destroyed by hail. It does not matter if your roof is a week old or 20 years old; hail does not discriminate. In a bad enough storm, the damage to a new roof can be so severe, your entire roof may need to be replaced. But do not worry! You live in Florida and homeowners insurance understands this. Your roof may be completely gone while two doors down your neighbor sustained little to no damage. Again, this is normal. We are here to take all your worries away and get you back to feeling safe under your roof again!

Roof Repair

If you are searching for shingle roof repairs instead of an entire new shingle roof give us a call. We can repair damaged wood, install new eaves, replace or install attic ventilation, new lead plumbing pipes, skylights, sun tubes, even gutters and down pipes. Whatever your repair needs, The Keefe Family can handle it. With over 30 years experience on the Space Coast of Florida, there is no sun, storm or animal damage we have not seen.

Weather & Animal Roof Damage

From squirrels eating holes into gables to raccoons nesting in insulation we have fixed it all. On the Space Coast we rarely freeze however, when we do, raccoons have been known to pull up shingles to get to the warm heat coming out of your roof. Squirrels are another adorable pest that can eat holes into your roof through many places. Squirrels are especially known to get through soffit and fascia if you have gaps in them and we have even seen them nest in uncapped chimney's and ridge vents. If you are concerned with the wildlife in your area, call us! We will let you know any access points we find that small animals may be able to breach and a plan to fix it!