Roof Repair

Big or small we handle actual roof repair!
That's right, we will actually repair your roof! We are not in the business to sell you something you do not need. That is why when our neighbors need a new roof, they call us back!

Roof Repair Contractors

If you need fascia repair, broken tile roof repair, flat roof repair, metal roof repair, shingle repairs or even decking repairs in specific areas of concern; the Keefe Family will let you know if it can actually be repaired! We will not sell you on a new roof if you do not need one. We are not in the business to force anything on our neighbors.

Dave Keefe and his family have been helping your neighbors since the 1990’s right here on the Space Coast. If you do hire Dave and family you will have a crew of employees, not subcontractors, that will work on your roof repair. Employees that are well compensated and taken care of by a family owned company produce better results when they are happy. That makes us happy to pass the quality workmanship right along to you and your family.

Call Dave today and get your roof repair estimate taken care of and we sure hope you give us the chance to make your family feel safer under your roof!

What if you do decide to put on a new roof?
What can The Keefe Family offer you?

Hail Damage?

Recent hail storms have you concerned about the integrity of your roof? Call us and let an experienced roofer see if you need a simple repair to your shingle roof or if you may qualify for a new roof through your homeowner's insurance. We can take care of all the claims for you and set you up with a new shingle roof.

Tear Off and Replace Shingles

From taking off the shingles with care to protect your wood decking to replacing attic ventilation, metal eaves and soffit; the Keefe Family and their employees have been your neighborhood roofers in Brevard County since the 1990's. If you want experience, integrity, family owned & operated roofers - call the Keefe Family today!

Asphalt Shingle Roof

Looking for shingle roof options with many colors and shapes to choose from? We have you covered. Did you know that you can change the look of your whole home with shingles? Steep pitched roofs covered in Carriage House shingles stand out with their unique shape while offering ultimate protection from the sun and wind.

Weather & Animal Roof Damage

From squirrels eating holes into gables to raccoons nesting in insulation we have fixed it all. On the Space Coast we rarely freeze however, when we do, raccoons have been known to pull up shingles to get to the warm heat coming out of your roof. Squirrels are another adorable pest that can eat holes into your roof through many places. Squirrels are especially known to get through soffit and fascia if you have gaps in them and even uncapped chimneys and ridge vents. If you are concerned with the wildlife in your area, call us! We will let you know any access points we find that small animals may be able to breach and a plan to fix it!